Located in Plaza Tamarindo on the Third Floor
Open 7 Days a Week

White Lotus Transformation

A fitness studio and Health Bar in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Our health bar is all about good vibes and great nutrition. All our ingredients are locally grown, organic and full of essential vitamins. Hang out before or after class. Socialize at the bar, lounge on a couch or stretch on the yoga stage .Come for a class and stay after to meet other health conscious people in the area.

Our Health Bar is open 7 days a week, from 8AM to 12PM (noon).

Fitness •Juice • Fun • in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Our mission is to make workouts FUN and effective. Instructors at WLT are friendly, professional and inspiring. You will get a safe, powerful and uplifting workout right here in paradise. We crank the music and the A/C to create the perfect environment to sweat, laugh, stretch and tone.

At White Lotus you can experience the transformative power of music and movement. These two elements come together in every fitness class, workshop or event we host. Our classes are rhythm based.. meaning we move to the music.. and allow the music to move us. We offer a variety of classes including Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Aerial Silks, Pilates and more.

We are the only juice bar in town to offer organic, cold pressed juices served in a giant wine glass at a real bar. Nutrients in juiced fruits and vegetables begin to oxidize and die as soon as the fruit or vegetable is juiced so it is important to consume within 15 minutes. For that reason we NEVER sell juices in bottles or “to-go”.

Our Health Bar is open everyday from 8AM to 12PM (noon)

Music is at the heart of everything we do at White Lotus. We are proud to host amazing musicians, DJs and other talent on the weekends. Check our Instagram and the schedule for very special weekend events.


WLT Cycle

Our signature 45 minute indoor cycling experience. A class for all levels that blends cardio endurance, intervals and choreography in order to maximize fun and get the most out of your workout. Think dark room, cool air, loud music and top of the line bikes all equipped with technology to track each ride and help you find the beat.


HIIT, or hight intensity interval training is one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat and increase muscle within a short time frame. Studies have proven that the “after burn” from this style training is the highest and longest of any other type of exercise… meaning you continue to burn calories at a higher rate long after your workout ends. Expect short bursts of maximal effort exercises that can be modified for ALL levels.


The classical mat Pilates sequence taught by Joseph Pilates to strengthen the core and mind/body connection while providing the ultimate benefits to spinal health.


Strengthen and stretch the body while stilling the mind in our various types of yoga classes. Vinyasa flows from one pose to another beautifully synchronized with breath, Yin is relaxing with deep stretches and long holds, Power Yoga is done to music and involves an emphasis on quicker movements and poses that challenge the body physically.

Stretch and Tone

A full body class designed to spend equal time on toning the legs, glutes, core and arms. After each toning section you will relax into a luxurious stretch before moving into the next section.

Aerial Silks

Learn a beautiful new art form that builds upper body and core strength as you swing among the tree tops. Starting out safely by building trust and a foundation of core moves, including climbs and footlocks. This practice keeps growing, getting more expressive and fluid with every practice session.


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Class Packages

5 Classes – $88 (save $32)

10 Classes – $110 (save $130)

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Open 7 Days a Week
Located in Plaza Tamarindo on the Third Floor